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Hi! I'm Rinn and sometimes I draw.

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Fandoms: When They Cry (Umineko in particular), Fatamoru, MXTX, 2ha (still reading!) & Drakenier

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my latest lvl 100 servant <3 can't wait for douman's banner in na
for fateweek2021 day 3: grail

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more art [Dungeons and Dragons]

got a new pc. it's been a while huh?

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Commission Info

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An artfight attack against carnistir

new dnd character that is my shameless self-insert :P

this is link, longtooth shifter and circle of the stars druid

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Masquerade Bun

The Bun dressing up for a masquerade party! Drawn by @bookofsul on twitter!

Also the finished drawing

Self Portrait Study


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Aiko and Aina

Oni twins

and ready to ruin your day

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Bad End Akira [Persona 5]

Guys one of my favorite artists has a really fun Bad End P5 au and you should all go check it out. Their twitter can be found here!

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I made a new illustration to use as a banner for various sites~

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Art Summary of 2020!

I have done more art this year than ever before. I even reached some goals I had set myself. So here are some favorites of each month!

Alexander - Commission

Another commission finished! Experimented a lot with this one and it was a treat to draw!


An old 3D piece, when I was doing a lot of experimentation with a paper cutout render style. I may revisit the style, because I still like this piece as a whole (maybe something with head tracking and Touch Designer?)

I'm actually quite happy with where my art is now compared to the beginning of the year :> Progress might've been slow, but it definitely happened and hopefully will continue to happen in 2021!


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"Haven't you accepted there's no escape?"

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"He felt, beneath the mask of that black-clad warrior, he was smiling for real."

So here's a commission from a few months ago that I kinda forgot to post anywhere (:3」∠)

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huevember 15 feat bastard supreme